Orlagh Hester













Orlagh is a humanistic and psychodynamic therapist who works with clients presenting with a wide range of issues. She has special interests in the body in psychotherapy, trauma, and sexuality. Orlagh graduated from Dublin Business School with an honours degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Orlagh’s background is primarily in the HSE addiction services. She has worked at the HSE National Drug Treatment Centre for the past nine years.
Orlagh has found that psychoeducation is a useful tool to empower clients and help them to understand their difficulties at a deeper level and that there is no greater teacher than the client themselves, who can have the most powerful and profound insights to their individual difficulties. Orlagh works to help clients to tap into that insight, to help them to communicate their experience of their inner world in a safe space. A core part of Orlagh’s work involves helping clients to connect or re-connect with their body and the world around them.