We provide Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy at the Centre incorporating relevant therapies such as Child Art Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Play.  For the Adolescent we use a proactive approach that uses  and integrates solution focused techniques along with more creative therapies so that the adolescent can look at finding solutions and working with any difficulties they have to find an understanding of how these difficulties can be resolved, developing life long learning skills to cope with stress, anxiety and build their confidence and resilience.

Generally we work with children & adolescents on a short-term basis, with the option to return to counselling if and when needed.

Initially we usually meet with one or both parents at the start of the counselling to discuss what the presenting issue is, and to discuss the process of therapy,  boundaries around confidentiality and what the expectation or the hope will be from the counselling.   If the therapy is for an adolescent they would also be invited to the first meeting.  A consent form will need to be signed by both parents. Please note that all our therapists work under Tusla’s Children First guidelines and are mandated to report any incidence of abuse or neglect .

The sessions are usually once a week depending on the need of the client.  A day and time are agreed with the therapist.  There can be a review to assess how the therapy is progressing; the parent or parents may wish to be involved in this session, which again can be discussed and arranged if appropriate. This session will respect the guidelines of confidentiality for the client.

Some of the issues that we deal with are low self-esteem, confidence building, anxiety, bullying, panic attacks, stress & anger management, bereavement counselling, and suicide intervention.

Doctor’s referral is not essential, but depending on the issue being dealt with it may be necessary to get a GP’s professional opinion.

About Psychotherapy

Therapy sessions are usually arranged at an agreed time and day and in as much as possible this time will be consistent for the duration of the therapy.  Sessions last usually for 50/60 mins. Psychotherapy/counselling can be short-term or long-term depending on the clients needs which will be assessed on an ongoing basis between the psychotherapist and the client.

The team of psychotherapists working at the Centre are all fully qualified and would have areas that they specialise in – so when the client makes contact with the centre every endeavour will be made to select a Psychotherapist/Counsellor who will assist you in meeting and supporting your needs from the counselling sessions.

Although many Doctors do refer people to therapy, you do not need a Doctor’s referral letter to come to therapy.

All therapists are accredited by their own governing body depending on their qualifications. Organisations such as: ICP, IACP, IAHIP, FTAI and PSI.

They would abide by the Code of Ethics cited by these organisations.