Corporate Wellness

The team at Johnstown Therapy Centre have a programme of workshops that may be of interest to your company. This Programme can be adjusted to fit the needs of any individual organisation or company, all you have to do is let us know what you are interested in and what will fit the needs of your company and we will do our best to facilitate

The programme includes a range of talks on Mental Health and Wellbeing combined with Holistic Therapies as detailed below.

Stress and anxiety may well lead to an increase in absenteeism in the workplace. However, many companies in Ireland do not have a wellness policy or operate a wellness programme. It is of the utmost importance that mental health issues can be addressed in a confidential and safe manner in the workplace. Our wellness programmes can introduce your employees to useful techniques and skills that will help them to address issues like handling stress and work anxiety and overall self-care. These workshops incorporate theories such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as applying Mindfulness in their everyday working life.

Talks on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Life Skills for Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Dealing with stress and anxiety within our everyday lives can be a tall order as the symptoms of stress can manifest themselves in different ways on individuals. How we interpret criticism, react to situations and interact with others can result in many negative and positive reactions within our mind and body. Severe stress and anxiety can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, panic attacks, depression, disturbed sleep patterns, loss of libido, addiction, muscle tension and pain, a lowered immune system which can result in illness. An experienced Psychotherapist or Counsellor, will examine how your team can equip yourself with life skills in order to deal with stress and anxiety. Learning skills to manage stress and anxiety leads to a healthy working environment

Conflict Resolution

Healthy communication is key to managing conflict resolution – helpful tips on active listening, reflecting, constructive feedback and managing conflict in a healthy way.

Motivation and Resilience

When we get overly stressed it can be hard to feel motivated; this talk looks at how you can build your motivation and raises awareness on what can be demotivating. Resilience is the ability to bounce back after stressful experiences; learn tips on how to build your resilience in the workplace

Healthy Eating

Our Health Psychologist can give you tips on healthy eating and nutrition through a CBT/Mindful Eating Workshop on emotional eating and/or weight management. This would take the form of a group session/ workshop and focus on healthy eating, healthy portion sizes, daily structure and self-monitoring, identifying triggers to comfort eating, healthy coping tools without food and, goal setting and problem solving and addressing unhelpful thinking patterns that are influencing comfort eating.

All our therapists are highly experienced in their profession, all therapists are accredited and work under the ethical guidelines of their professional body.

If we can be of further assistance or you would like more details on the above workshop sessions please feel free to contact our Centre Director Bruce Sleeman, on 01-2024837 or by email at , and we would be happy to come up with a programme that will meet your company’s requirements.