Mediation is a confidential, voluntary process where people involved in conflict are helped to resolve their problems collaboratively. A mediator is a neutral third party, who does not take sides or impose solutions. Mediators help the parties involved to reach solutions they are happy with. The mediator manages the process but the people involved decide the agenda and come up with their own decisions about how to resolve the conflict. The mediator helps the parties to look at the consequences of decisions and make the agreement that is right for them.
Every mediation is tailor made for the people involved and every agreement is unique to the needs of the couple or family that participate. Mediation helps participants to build on common ground, to improve communication and is a proven, cost effective way to resolve conflict.
Mediation is not counselling. It is also not adversarial – all the parties involved are trying to sort out the issues together. If legal advice is needed the parties much seek independent advice – a mediator will not give legal advice.


Mediation helps you resolve conflict and reach agreement on all issues surrounding separation or divorce. It is a voluntary and confidential process which helps you reach joint decisions without the use of courts. It offers you a safe, neutral place where you and your ex-partner ..


Sometimes families need help in resolving issues that arise. Family mediation is non-confrontational in nature and progressive. It encourages parties to focus on the future and problem solving strategies rather than the problems of the past.  The process is also “child …