Nicola Brady

Nutritional Therapist, B. Sc. (Management) , nTOI

Nicola Brady is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and founder of The Food Clinic  She holds a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) and a Diploma in Personalised Nutrition and Therapeutics from Crossfields Institute. Nicola is a member of nTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland). She is passionate about quality food and is an experienced Teacher and Cook (trained in Dublin Cookery School). Prior to setting up The Food Clinic, she established and ran a small cookery school, dedicated to teaching children and teenagers how to cook from scratch.

Nicola sees clients with a range of health concerns including digestive problems, skin conditions, blood pressure, cholesterol, food intolerances/allergies, bone/joint health, energy issues, sugar cravings, fertility, weak immune systems, hormone issues and weight management. Using the functional medicine model, Nicola seeks to uncover the central cause or causes of a client’s health concerns and champions clients on their personal journey to better health using a staged therapeutic plan which includes food, supplementation (if necessary) and lifestyle interventions. The Food Clinic’s services also extend to dietary analysis (using a software tool), sports nutrition, lab testing (e.g. intolerance tests, DNA tests, stool tests) and cookery lessons.

Prior to her formal entry into the areas of food and nutrition, Nicola spent 20 years working in a Corporate environment. She is an experienced presenter, trainer and workshop facilitator. In addition to her qualifications in food and nutrition, she also holds a BSc (Mgmt) and professional qualifications in finance, strategic marketing and public relations.

Judi is also a certified Mediator and offers a Mediation service for separating couples and families in conflict.