Online Counselling

Counselling now available online and by phone

Due to the ongoing health crisis,   we are aware that this is a very anxious time and we are conscious that people will need ongoing support when they are dealing with this present crisis, so we are delighted to say that a number of our therapists are available for online therapy sessions which they are offering either using Zoom or by telephone
Basically the sessions will operate the same, we pick a time that suits and arrange for the call; the guidelines for the call are as follows:

  • Your therapist will confirm the time of the call, and if using Zoom will send you the link and instructions
  • You need to find a space where you can take the call and talk in private
  • The session time will be the same as normal 50/60 mins
  • Confidentiality guidelines are the same and would cover the same limits
  • If the link goes down with Zoom during the session, the call can be continued over the phone
The benefits to using online therapy are:
  • During the crisis you can continue to benefit from attending therapy
  • If can offer much needed support to you if you are in self-isolation, working from home or feeling overwhelmed or anxious
  • It is reassuring that you can maintain contact online and keep the lines of communication open
If you need us just email us at and Centre Director Bruce Sleeman will get back to you via email or phone and arrange for a therapist to make contact with you
We can also offer some very helpful crisis management tips along with mindfulness exercises that may be of help to you dealing with this current crisis